Calgary Hot Shot Courier Services…

Carol Moore
March 18, 2015 0 Comment

If you are looking for the most reliable Calgary hot shot courier that will deliver anywhere in Alberta and Saskatchewan then you need to visit Oilfield Hot Shot Services.  This company was started by Mark Vass who had a vision for making sure the job is always done right and on time.  Mark has been traveling Alberta and Saskatchewan as a Land Agent for the last 35 years so it only made sense for him to begin a hot shot company.

In fact, there’s nothing Mark enjoys more than driving.  I know it sounds funny but when Mark is behind the wheel and his wife next to him, it feels like a vacation to him.  Most people would hate driving 9 hours one way into Saskatchewan and another 9 hours back, only to have to do it again the next day.

Not Mark!

He loves every minute of it.  Actually, he was born and raised in Estevan Saskatchewan so he loves visiting his family every time he has a job there.

When you have a hot shot job you need done you can either hire a big company that is very impersonal or you can hire the owner of Oilfield Hot Shot Services who is passionate about making sure every job is done right and on time.  Once you get to know Mark you’ll never want to use another company again!