Calgary and Edmonton Car Insurance Rates For Younger Drivers

Carol Moore
March 10, 2015 0 Comment

If you are young and are looking for a fair and understanding Calgary auto insurance broker call Sharp Insurance today!

A considerable determinant in the cost of your auto insurance, whether it’s with Sharp Insurance or not, is your level of driving experience, which is closely related to your age. Being younger and having less experience behind the wheel go hand in hand, and stats show that accident rates of drivers under 25 are considerably higher than those above 25. Also, accident rates are highest for young males under 25 who are single, and if you fall into this group, you will notice you have an inflated insurance rate because of the above reasons. Young adults have also been shown to have less focus and make more reckless decisions than adults, but this is obviously not true for every teenager out there.

We strive to give you all applicable savings possible, but insurance companies like to see concrete evidence before giving new drivers the same rates as the more experienced. Because younger drivers generally have less credit to report, a reduced driving history, and a lack of any driving records in which an insurance broker can accurately calculate their insurance costs, their rates will be more expensive than those who are older and can prove their liability. Until younger insurance members prove themselves to be responsible and safe drivers, their insurance premiums will be slightly more expensive than others.

The best way to counter these higher rates is by doing the small things now, which will eventually add up and pay off in the long run. By accumulating fewer tickets, accidents, and other offences you will develop a trustworthy status and your insurance rate in the future will drop as a result. Safe driving habits results in not only less accidents on the road but a better premium for your wallet as well. At Sharp Insurance, we believe that with patience and a little perseverance, you can start saving on your auto insurance and get better deals to match your better driving abilities.

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